Blog Post 1: Academic Research

How does one find the answers they are looking for? Being a freshman in college calls for a whole new life in itself. You’re no longer told  what to do, how to do it, or when to do it. Everything is done at our own pace, therefore it is absolutely crucial that we manage our time wisely and efficiently. Over the years, completing research went as far as figuring out which college was best fit for us. Another time research was most necessary and eye opening to me, was this past summer when I attended Florida International University for the first time. The class was asked to research our ideal profession and the career paths we hope to continue following in. Not only did this gave me a closer insight as to what was needed to achieve those goals but revealed the importance of educating yourself each and every day. Students like myself never went into depth of what the world truly had to offer or the new lessons you can educate yourself upon. One’s version of research meant learning a certain topic that was chosen for us, hence the enjoyment of actually learning something new was neither intriguing nor fulfilling. Although searching for the questions I want answered and the topics they may relate to can at times be overwhelming. Some tips that I use for myself and can be shared with others is that its best to narrow it down to what’s important within your research so that flows and is straight to the point. While maintaining discipline throughout the large amounts of information one is taking in is also key to their research. Grasping the proper concept of completing research is a goal I strive to aim for in order to better educate myself in the long run. Not only will educating yourself allow for a higher intellectual society but teaching others as well can bring change to the world.


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